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Guidance on Packed Lunches

A number of parents have been asking for ideas and guidance about what a packed lunch should/not contain.

As a school we recommend that a packed lunch should contain:

  • A drink – not fizzy. Water is best, but fruit juice and smoothies are acceptable. Although these both contain sugars, they are fruit sugars rather than sweeteners or refined sugars.
  • A sandwich or starch based item (such as a rice or pasta salad)
  • Salad or vegetables for example green salad, tomatoes and/or carrot sticks
  • A piece of fruit
  • A diary item such as cheese or a yoghurt
  • Treats, such as cakes, biscuits, chocolate or crisps should be limited to once a week

We understand that children can become ‘fussy’ in their eating habits and that the labelling on some food products makes it difficult to decide what is and is not healthy food.  Therefore, we would like to encourage parents to share their ideas – we will post your suggestions (or pictures) on our school social media (Facebook and Twitter).

To get the ball rolling, there are some fantastic ideas on the BBC Good Food website and I have downloaded a guide from the Children’s Food Trust onto our website.

If you feel truly creative, simply put ‘Bento lunch boxes’ into your search engine and take a look at this Japanese craze! If you decide to have a go, make sure you take a photo and send it in!

Finally, if you’re less ‘creative’ and a little more ‘crazed’ in the morning, please make use of the school lunch services here at school; Mandy not only offers a full range of hot meals, but also sandwiches and salads; saving you the effort (and sometimes the arguments) in a morning.


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