Aims, Values and Vision

At Berwick Middle School we recognise that pupils learn and thrive when they are healthy, safeguarded from harm and fully engaged.

We want our pupils to:

Be Healthy

We encourage the physical and mental well being and healthy lifestyles of all pupils.

Stay Safe

We provide a secure, caring and supportive environment in which all pupils have equal access to the curriculum.

Enjoy and Achieve

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum through which all pupils can develop a sense of direction and purpose and a real enthusiasm for learning.

Make a Positive Contribution

We encourage pupils to take responsibility and contribute positively to the life of the school and the wider community.

Achieve Economic Well-being

We promote a climate of life-long learning for all pupils and adults associated with our school.


School Vision

The school aims to support the growth and development of all members of its community. It seeks to maintain trusted and valued relationships and forge links within the locality and further afield in the global community. It strives to develop each individual holistically and prepare them for the future by fostering creativity, encouraging progress and rewarding positive contributions. We will remain true to our traditional values and expectations of high standards and good citizenship.

This is embodied in our mnemonic:

Be involved  Make a difference  Strive to succeed