Code of Conduct

In general, relationships and behaviour at Berwick Middle School are exemplary. Where there are worries about a pupil’s behaviour, our ‘open door’ policy ensures that close contact with parents and guardians is maintained. School rules are kept to a minimum and exist to maintain good work habits; develop good personal relationships and encourage respect for other people and property within the school environment as well as the wider community.

In the event of a breakdown in discipline or personal relationships, a number of sanctions can be used. Children can be given detention, given extra school work, or have school privileges withdrawn. Head of Year Teachers note significant breaches of discipline and liaise with parents and guardians. If necessary, we operate an ‘on report’ system which monitors a pupil’s behaviour on a lesson by lesson basis. Where school has real concerns, parents may be asked to give permission for consultation with the school’s educational psychologist.

The final sanction is that of exclusion from school. It is rare that this exclusion is permanent in the first instance. However, where there are on-going and apparently intractable problems, then permanent exclusion from school may prove necessary. Any instance of exclusion has to be reported to the Chair of Governors, Director of Education, Educational Welfare Officer and, of course, to the parents. A full behaviour policy is available on request from school or on our website.