Our School


Berwick Middle School is a three form entry 9 - 13 Middle School with 295 pupils on role. We are part of the Berwick Partnership of Schools drawing pupils from 7 feeder First Schools and feeding Berwick Academy.

First schools in the Berwick Middle School catchment area include:

  • Berwick Holy Trinity C of E
  • Berwick St. Mary's C of E
  • Ford Church of England First School
  • Lowick County First School (including pupils from Holy Island)
  • Norham County First School
  • Scremerston County First School
  • St Cuthbert’s First School

In addition, pupils from other first schools outside our catchment area also transfer to Berwick Middle School.

The school follows the County Admissions Policy. Our standard number for admissions is 114. A school preference form must accompany all applications for admission.

School Organisation

Pupils are admitted to this school at the beginning of Year 5 into four mixed ability classes. Because our pupils come from a number of contributory, often small first schools, considerable efforts are made to integrate them into our much larger school through a careful programme of transition activities and liaison work. Pupils stay with this mixed ability class for registration and most lessons in Year 5 and 6 (although there is some setting in Maths) but will go to specialist teachers and rooms for Design Technology, Art, Music, and PE. In Years 7 and 8, although each class will have a class teacher, pupils are taught mainly by specialist subject teachers in specialist rooms.  Some lessons in Key Stage 3 are taught in classes which are set for ability.

Each year group has a Head of Year whose responsibility is to oversee the academic and pastoral welfare and progress of the year groups. Although the Form Tutor is the first point of call for any issues concerning a child, the Head of Year can be contacted for more complex or serious issues.

The Head Teacher and Head of Year have general pastoral oversight of pupils, and matters concerning the welfare of pupils may be transferred to them.

The School Site

The school is rightly proud of its picturesque site which has excellent playing fields. It is close to the sea and overlooks the historic Edwardian Walls and the Bell Tower.  Within the school grounds lies part of the ditch known as Spadesmire, one of the medieval defences of Berwick. The school is within easy walking distance of the town centre and Berwick Railway Station.

The School Building

The school is established on the site of the former Berwick Grammar School, built in 1929. A major redevelopment project in 1988-89 involved the building of a new Key Stage 2 teaching block, the modernisation of some existing areas and the demolition of some temporary buildings. Most areas of the school have recently been extensively refurbished. These include computer laboratories, the school office, the music room, design technology rooms and most classrooms.

The new Key Stage 2 block consists of 8 year 5 and 6 classrooms with its own central practical area. The main block has four general classrooms, a music room, an ICT suite, school hall, science laboratory, art room, SEN resources room, offices, a kitchen and dining room. The practical block, consists of a gymnasium and two design technology rooms.

In 2013 work began to renovate a building annexing the school; both the exterior and interior received a full facelift and modernisation resulting in the opening of the Bridges classrooms in September 2013.   The Bridges building incorporates a practical area with fitted kitchen, a small thinking room for one to one or small group work and meetings and a large and airy teaching space.  Externally, there is an enclosed garden area for relaxing, playing or gardening.