School Governors

Our School Governors are a group of committed volunteers who work together to make a positive contribution to children’s education in our community. They build a connection with the school, the headteacher, staff and pupils, to make a helpful contribution to sound decision making and the management of the school.

They do this in four main ways:

  • By helping to set the strategy and aims of the school
  • By monitoring and reviewing the school’s performance
  • By supporting and challenging the headteacher
  • By monitoring the spending of the school’s budget

This all takes place in two termly meetings of all Governors, known as the Full Governing Body, we also have two sub-committees that look at Resources and Standards and make regular visits into school to talk with pupils and staff to get a flavour for what’s going on. Governors are provided with training opportunities and written materials to help them do their job well

A variety of people from all walks of life make up the Governing Body: Parents, Staff, members of the local community and representatives of the Local Authority. Some have a special skill or experience (like accounting skills) to offer, but everyday skills, time, energy, enthusiasm, the ability to listen and ask questions, and a genuine interest in our children’s future are just as important.

Child Protection/LAC Governor - Clare Shaw.

Anti-bullying Governor - Clare Shaw

Chair of Governors - Clare Shaw.

Vice Chair of Governors - Trevor Smith.

Chair of Resources Committee - Lyndsay Flannigan

Vice Chair of Resources Committee -Clare Shaw

Chair of Standards Committee - David Pye

Vice Chair of Standards Committee - Susan Farrington


Full Governing Body Terms of Reference

Full Governing Body and Register of Governor Interests

Governor Committee Structure

Become a School Governor

Skills Audit - November 2016


Last Governors meeting was        6 February 2018 (Standards Committee)

                             (Absent: Martin Straker, Elwira Jankowska, Laura McGinlay)                 

                                               8 February 2018 (Resources Committee)

               (Absent:Trevor Smith, Nick shaw, Sean Ryan, Anne Forbes)

                        Next Full Governing Body Meeting 27 February 2018

Governor Meetings Academic Year 2017 - 2018

Governor Meeting Attendance Record 2017 - 18

Governor Meetings Academic Year 2016 - 2017

Governor Meeting Attendance Record 2016-17

Governors who have left office in the last year are:

Pam Forrest

Philip Rogers

Derryth Hope