Berwick Middle School

Lovaine Terrace, Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland TD15 1LA

Berwick Middle School

Part of the Three Bridges Schools' Federation

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The music curriculum aims to challenge and inspire students to make excellent progress throughout their time in the music department. Through knowledgeable and motivating teaching, students will learn a variety of skills that build on subject-specific knowledge from year to year and give students aspirational goals for the future. Through Music, it is our intention that students will take charge of their own learning, giving them an opportunity to explore the world around them through the practical application of a wide range of styles, and the study of musicians past and present; as well as to partake in practical group work and research tasks that focus on the development of performance skills and techniques.


Literacy is improved through regular use of 

  • Reading PPT 
  • Written assessments
  • Written evaluations
  • Keywords
  • Discussion
  • Instruction sheets
  • Speaking & Listening


Numeracy is also developed by student use of 

  • Notation - addition and fractions
  • Group numbers
  • Pace and rhythm
  • Sequencing events 
  • Timings & time 
  • Counting