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Safeguarding at Berwick Middle School

Berwick Middle School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare and wellbeing of all our pupils, staff and whole school community. This commitment is something that all staff, visitors and the children themselves are involved in and is one of the most vital aspects of our role as a school. As a result of this, we as a staff spend a great deal of time and effort to ensure we keep the pupils, their families and school staff as safe as possible.


Our Safeguarding Team


                                               Mrs B Haggerstone                                                        Mr B Ryder                                                                          Mr G Bird                                                     

                                             Assistant Headteacher                                                  Headteacher                                                                  Deputy Headteacher                                           

                                      Designated Safeguarding Lead                            Deputy Safeguarding Lead                                         Deputy Safeguarding Lead                                




                                                         Mr R Keech                                                              Ms C Virtue                                                                  Lyndsay Flannigan

                                                     E-Safety Officer                                                Anti-bullying Officer                                                    Safeguarding Governor



The LADO for Northumberland is Carol Glasper
Carol can be contacted by email /
or telephone 01670 623979

The role of the LADO


Safeguarding Policies

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

Child Protection & Safeguarding Appendix (Covid)

Online Safety Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy


Being Safe at Berwick Middle School Newsletters

Being Safe at Berwick Middle School Newsletter


Are You Worried About Something?

Are you worried about something? - Pupil Booklet


Information from Northumbria Police

Prevent Information

County Lines - Parent & Carer Leaflet

This webpage contains advice to parents/carers about what to look out for when signing your child/children up for sports activities/extra-curricular clubs:


Visitor Information

Visitor Safeguarding Booklet

Visitor Acceptable Use Policy


All visitors are required to sign in at reception and show identification when requested, read our visitors safeguarding leaflet, sign to say they have read this and wear a lanyard whilst on the school site at all times.

Lanyards at Berwick Middle School


Visitors (with DBS certificate - can be unsupervised whilst on the school site)

Visitors (no DBS certificate - must be supervised by a member of staff at all times whilst on the school site