Berwick Middle School

Lovaine Terrace, Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland TD15 1LA

Berwick Middle School

Part of the Three Bridges Schools' Federation

  1. Governors

School Governors

Our School Governors are a group of committed volunteers who work together to make a positive contribution to children’s education in our community. They build a connection with the school, the headteacher, staff and pupils, to make a helpful contribution to sound decision making and the management of the school.

They do this in four main ways:

  • By helping to set the strategy and aims of the school
  • By monitoring and reviewing the school’s performance
  • By supporting and challenging the headteacher
  • By monitoring the spending of the school’s budget
There are 2 main governor committees:
Resources committee remit
The Resources Committee is responsible for overseeing the school budget and anything related to the budget (e.g building, maintenance and staff recruitment).
Federation committee remit
The Federation Committee has responsibility for monitoring the school's performance, ensuring that every pupil is supported by the school to reach their full potential.  



The Three Bridges Federation Governing Body 

The Three Bridges Federation Instrument of Government

Chair:  Clare Shaw



Vice Chair: John Gilchrist

Federation Committee

Chair:  Glen Bird

Vice Chair:  Paula Taylor

Resources Committee

Chair:  Lyndsay Flannigan

Vice Chair:  Scott Middlemist

Safeguarding and Child Protection Governor

Lyndsay Flannigan

Pupil Premium Governor

Nick Shaw

e-Safety Governor

Clare Shaw

Governor Attendance Record 2020-21

Governor Attendance Record 2019-20

Governor Register of Interest