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BMS Commendations

At Berwick Middle School, all pupils are set the target of achieving all 3 BMS Commendation Badges by the end of Year 8.


The BMS Commendations are:




The aims of our Commendation programme are:

To mould well-rounded pupils who are successful in every aspect of school life

To reward and acknowledge pupils who represent our school values both in school and in the local community

To recognise those pupils who dedicate their own time to improving school life or the local community

To encourage pupils to try new things and stretch their boundaries

To encourage pupils to make every minute count and ti seize opportunities which come their way


Commendations can be awarded by any member of staff and once a pupil has achieved 15 Commendations in any one category, they are then awarded a certificate and a badge to wear for the rest of their BMS career. If a pupil achieves 50 Commendations in any one category, they will then be awarded a Platinum Commendation certificate.

 There are many ways to earn these Commendations, but here are some ideas to get you started:



  • Showing sustained commitment to an extra-curricular club

  • Showing sustained commitment to a club or group in the community

  • Representing BMS (school performances, music and sporting events, carol service etc)

  • Becoming involved in school events such as Wellbeing Week, Feel Good Friday and Conqueror Challenges




  • Form class job or role

  • Job or role working alongside the SLT

  • Service to the school 

  • Voluntary work at school or in the community

  • Charity work at school or in the community



  • Outstanding effort

  • Outstanding attitude

  • Subject attainment

  • Outstanding attendance and punctuality

  • Certificates - prize giving/literacy/reading etc

  • Every 50 house-points you earn for your house